It is so vital to stay hydrated ALL year long. In the summer its easier to stay hydrated because when we get hot and sweaty we often look to water to replenish us. But it can be harder in the winter time to be motivated to drink as much water as we should. Unless we’re working out or have a physical job, most of us aren’t hot and sweaty and desperate for water.

In the winter time we’re cold, often feeling miserable from the cold and in search of a hot drink. Let’s not mistake anything though. One should not live without coffee, or tea, especially if it’s Early Grey which happens to be my favourite. But too much caffeine can be dehydrating so we need to rehydrate ourselves. That’s why water is essential to our daily routine.

The solution is to flavour it with some healthy ingredients that won’t add caffeine or sugar then we can make water more palatable.

Cranberry Tea

This refreshing cranberry tea will hit the spot when you’re in need of more water.

I’ll be posting weekly flavoured water solutions that will make drinking water a lot more desirable, almost as desirable as a beer! Ok, that might be a stretch, but I think you’ll love these recipes!!!!

Cranberry Water

A slightly tart, refreshing and delicious ingredient that will make your water more desirable to drink!
Prep Time 1 minute
Total Time 2 hours 1 minute
Servings 1 Litre


  • 1 Litre Water
  • 2 Cranberry tea bags Make sure they're decaffeinated


  • Fill a clean jar or pitcher with fresh room temp water
  • Add 2 Cranberry tea bags. Let soak for min 20 min but preferably up to 4 hours. You can leave the tea bags in as you pour yourself your water which will encourage the teabags to extract all that in them!
  • Serve with or without ice cubes. Enjoy!

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