My Green Thumb….

I like to think I have a green thumb but I’m not always that successful. I’ve gardened for many years but in Belize I had no more than a couple of potted plants here and there. So when I’m back in Canada I am excited that in this house we have a large property with plenty of garden space.

Its taken a couple weeks to get the gardens in shape and I know that the key to success is weekly, if not daily, attention to a garden. I must admit I have enjoyed turning the soil, adding new top soil and planting my little veggies plants. Its heart-warming watching my son’s raking, grading, spread the top soil & grass seed and then watering it daily, patiently waiting for the little grass sprouts to come up.

Italian parsley plant

Italian parsley

While on my hands and knees I did take a moment to ponder why the grass was growing where I didn’t want it to grow and where I wanted it to grow it had died off. But that is probably one of the great mysteries of life!

Anyway, I had a lot of help from my son’s and husband who were great sports and I couldn’t have done it without them! They toiled alongside me, pulling weeds, raking, grading to help make the property look prettier and inviting.

Before I began all of this I did a little bit of research and had great fun going to Home Depot’s garden centre 

This is the time of year most Canadian’s get excited when we go to the garden centre and begin envisioning their gardens, ready to invade come the May 24 weekend (when the fear of frost is gone)

Home Depot had everything we needed plus some great sales on their veggie plants! I planted some traditional veggies, like peppers, tomatoes and basil. But this time I’m trying new veggies! Kale, dill, leeks, arugula, jalapeño and yellow tomatoes! I’m very excited to watch my little babies grow and hopefully soon I’ll be sharing pics of produce from my garden with you!

Arugula plant

Arugula, a slightly peppery herb with delicate leaves

I got some great tips from Home Depot’s write-up on How to Grow a Successful Vegetable Garden and there’s also great tips for growing your lawn from seed which is geared to beginners. 

So get out there people! Whether it’s in a small pot or a garden. Big or small. Remember the fresh air, the exercise and the joy you’ll receive from seeing your plants grow is worth it.

Let’s hope it’s a rip-roaring success!!!

Watering my garden

Watering my garden, making a rainbow