Skin Therapy

Skin Therapy

I grew up with a mother who loved her creams. She still does. It’s part of her daily regimen. I guess she learned it from her mother who also was big on creams. Hand creams, foot creams, face creams, body butters, lotions and even hair creams!

Creams and Evening Primrose capsules
Caring for our skin begins from within. Make Evening Primrose (GLA) part of your daily ritual. It’s a MUST for everything Woman!

I love creams too. It was bound to happen. I also really like body butters when I need a good moisturizing. I’ve tried several different brands but I’m still really partial to The Body Shop. Recently I bought 3 mini body butters for $12 – which made me very happy! Since you don’t need to use a lot their body butters go a long way. And let me tell you, the fragrances are heavenly.

The Body Shop mini body butters are a great treat!

I love British Rose 🌹 Does it ever smell like pure roses! Sometimes I wish I had a huge bouquet of roses I could stuff my nose into and take in their fragrance. Well I’m too cheap to buy roses all the time just for that purpose and they die eventually. And in Belize roses are hard to come by and very expensive. So the best solution for me is the British Rose body butter.

My next fav is Satsuma, which reminds me of tangerines 🍊 Because I do like non-floral fragrances for their fresh and light scent, they are a nice change from florals that can sometimes be over-powering. The blueberry is also a great scent I’ve had in the past.

My third fav body butter is a unique fragrance called Moringa. It’s described as a white floral, which is a good description because it reminds me a little of gardenia with undertones of jasmine. It’s a unique floral scent I love.

Now given all these butters, which I use primarily on my hands, you’d think that’d be enough. But it’s not! My mum gave me an Avon Moisture Therapy for intensive healing and repairing. Now the body butters definitely leave my hands moisturized given the ingredients, like shea & cocoa butter. But hey, I’ll try this too! I discovered that although it has no fragrance I still like it a lot but mostly at night.

Interestingly I found that wearing gloves specifically for keeping in moisture from the creams is the way to go. This idea was suggested to me by Ana from Rustic Nails. I found a pair of cotton gloves at Goodness Me for $5.99 by Urban Spa. Although it’s takes a little getting used to wearing gloves at night I admit I really like them & they do work much better for my hands than just creams alone.

Our hands are exposed to soaps, detergents, chemicals (both known and unbeknownst to us) sanitizers, cold dry air, wind and more.  Of course the same is true of our poor feet! But that’s for another post 😉 So at the end of a hard day the best way to restore moisture & hydration to our hands from the outside is TLC just for them. You’ll be happy you did! 💋

A little hand and lip therapy by EOS to finish off the day

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