Skin Therapy Continued – Face


I noticed that after several years of working outdoors in Belize I had a lot of skin damage.

One lady I met who was visiting Belize for a couple of weeks said she went to her dermatologist and got facials on a monthly basis. She has beautiful skin and I inquired if her gorgeous taut skin was from her regular visits or genetics. She told me it was a bit of both, but her dermatologist told her that truthfully, the best way to get rid of skin damage and sun spots is 1) Block sun from your face 2) Regular exfoliation

Well I had already begun the regime of wearing hats, applying sunscreen on my face and exfoliating. In Belize I didn’t have many options I felt confident trying (like dermatologists) so I opted for all natural remedies until I found an aesthetician or dermatologist I could trust (either in Canada or elsewhere) I tried to sugar scrubs with lime juice, salt and sugar scrubs, hot cloths, coconut oil, coconut face scrubs, charcoal facials, sun spot correctors, skin serums and more!

The ironic thing was although its taken almost 2 years, but I have reversed a lot of the skin damage naturally. By scrubbing gently but weekly, I was exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Using natural products carefully really did do the trick! Of course everyone reacts differently to products, even natural ones, but I didn’t have a bad reaction. Please note that if you’re going to use acids like lemon or lime you CANNOT be exposed to the sun any time during or shortly thereafter or you will burn your skin. I’ve seen it happen with lime juice accidentally left on hands that got badly burned in the sun. So be aware of what you’re doing!

So, fast forward to now. Its 2017 and I’ve been in Canada for over 7 months now. So obviously I’m not being exposed to the sun like I am in Belize. This is actually a very good thing for my face. I look in pictures from 2016 and I can really see visible damage. After this photo was taken I bought Chanel CC cream and I love it! It colour corrected my skin, has SPF protection, smoothed out my skin, made it look even in tone, wasn’t heavy or pore clogging. However, it couldn’t lie about what was beneath it, damage!

Photo of me with sun damage
Visible Sun damage. Photo taken April 2016 after about 8 months of exfoliating skin treatment – No filters 🙁

I bought a coconut face scrub in San Pedro Belize that’s coconut based, has gentle salt scrubbers in it, essentials oils and leaves my skin feeling great! I use it weekly in the shower. I use No 7 Protect & Perfect Protection. It’s an intense skin serum that leaves my face feeling soft and protected, the same way a primer feels on your skin before you put on your makeup. Then I use my CC cream which has an SPF of 50 in it.

Almost a full year later I’m packing to go to Italy and I want my face to be glorious! It’s my first trip to Europe and I’m not the size I want to be so I figure my face had better be the best it could possibly be. And although my natural products and weekly exfoliation are doing the trick, the truth is some damage can only be treated through deep penetrating creams, peels, masks, serums and sometimes machines meant for skin therapy.

Thankfully I found an amazing aesthetician who takes great care of my skin. I’ve known her for many years and not only is she well educated in the field of aesthetics but she keeps up-to-date with the latest products and tools so that she’s well informed and qualified. Her name is Alyssa Konkin 416.949.0001 and you can find her on Instagram _locksandlashes_

Her recommendations for my skin was a glycolic peptide peel, pumpkin based mask, finished with serums and a zinc cream. And above all, no steam, for my skin type. I love how she takes her time, makes sure my skin feels good and isn’t reacting badly to anything, explains what she’s doing and why and in the end makes me feel fresh and glorious.

The warm comfortable bed, soft music, feminine lighting and details makes me feel very special every time I’m at her spa! I still have some sun spots and I will probably get another treatment done soon but I’m very happy with how I was able to repair my skin without thousands of dollars spent on lasers and crazy products. Not to say they don’t work, they probably do. But when you either don’t have access to those products or don’t have the budget for them its nice to know you can opt for other ways to make your skin look great. And I’m very thankful that Alyssa was able to take my skin to the next level that my natural products can’t really do.

Applying products
Getting the royal treatment


Facial all done
I don’t think anyone looks their best flat on their backs! But post zinc cream makes me radiant. No filters either!


Ladies, take the time to inspect your skin and see if feels and looks the way you want it to. If not, find an aesthetician who knows what they’re doing, who won’t just sell you things but will actually help your skin be as radiant and healthy as it should be.


Finished results, no filter
No filter, happy to see better results on my face!



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