Caramelized Onion and Maple Bacon Ricotta Stromboli
Although you can buy dough from your local grocer, try my recipe for Perfect Pizza dough which will yield a light and fluffy dough that’s easy on the digestion but still using wheat flour. You’ll love the combination of salt and sweet in this savoury stromboli, a real crowd pleaser! If using store bought dough then the prep time will be only 1 hour.
Servings Prep Time
8People 4Hours aprox
Servings Prep Time
8People 4Hours aprox
  1. Slice down the centre and dice one green onion including the green portion. Add to ricotta, garlic, and 1/2 tsp of salt. Place in fridge till ready to use.
  2. In a small bowl combine butter and 2 cloves of garlic for topping stromboli. Set aside.
  3. Slice bacon strips in half and fry up in large frying pan, avoiding over crowding. Place on a plate with paper towel to absorb grease.
  4. Halve and slice cooking onions and cook in grease of bacon. Add 1/2 tsp salt and cook for about 5 minutes. Then add applewood seasoning, xylitol or sugar to onions and cook for about 45 minutes on low heat. Stir often to prevent burning. Once onions are brown and very soft turn off heat and set aside to cool.
  5. After dough has risen a send time, roll out onto a well-floured surface. Alternatively you can roll out store-bought dough onto a floured surface. Begin by smoothing out ricotta mixture out over dough, leaving a 2″ perimeter. Then top with caramelized onions.
  6. Add bacon strips to ricotta mix leaving space in between strips which will make it easier to roll-up dough.
  7. Heat oven to 450 degree and butter a large cookie sheet, min 8×13 in size. Sprinkle semolina flour on butter. Set aside but close by to make transfer to stromboli easier
  8. Carefully and quickly, tightly roll-up stromboli and with oiled hands pick up stromboli and transfer to cookie sheet. Alternatively you could roll-out dough onto parchment paper for easy transfer to cookie sheet. Butter and sprinkle semolina on parchment before laying dough on it.
  9. Using a silicon brush cover generously with butter and garlic mixture. Sprinkle on freshly grated parm cheese and himalayan pink sea salt and semolina flour. Bake for 25 minutes until golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool at least 20 minutes before slicing up.

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