Nail and Hand therapy

Nail and Hand therapy

Polish Pro’s and Con’s

So I know that as women we love nail polish! 💅🏼 And it’s something women have been doing for ages. But the truth is it does stain nails and can even damage our nail bed, cuticles and nail strength. The good news is there are some really great nail polishes out there. They have great ingredients, excellent drying time, fabulous colour selections. Be careful when you chose a nail polish just based on name alone. Some manufacturer’s have a famous name but that doesn’t mean they’ve got good ingredients. Ingredients like DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde have been in nail polish for decades until the recent years when it became clear these products are harmful and not necessary in nail polish. There are plenty of nail polish manufacturer’s who produce great nail polishes, some even water based, that don’t contain these ingredients.

Simple Solutions

1) Take your time and check out all the nail polish manufacturer’s out there. Drug Stores, Department Stores, Grocery Stores and Health Food stores have a vast selection to choose from and different price points. Quite buying the cheapies out there just because they’re cheap! They could be damaging your nails.

2) Also research online nail polishes that don’t have those ingredients. Discover new brands you’ve never heard of before who have amazing colour selections and give them a try.

3) Be confident with your nail salon. Don’t just keep going back because its convenient but you aren’t happy with their work. Tell your nail tech if you don’t like something. If they care they will want you to leave happy but they can’t make you happy if you don’t voice your concerns or preferences. If they don’t adjust to what you want then its time to move on.

Gel Nail Polish – Don’t be confused, this isn’t Gel Nails!

A lot of women are now opting for Gel nail polish. It’s become a big trend in the beauty world. On average it lasts 2 weeks (or more) and no chipping! A few downsides…You have to put your hand in UV or LED lights. Although it’s minimal exposure, women who are concerned with cancer can wear gloves with the tips cut off.  Another downside is sometimes your fingernails burn when under the UV light. A solution is to quickly raise and lower your hands to turn the light off and on just until the gel has set. Once its set it won’t burn anymore. Thirdly, you have to dip your nails in chemicals to remove the gel polish. This can dry out your nails. But most of these issues are minimal and if you aren’t into having nail tips put on, then Gel nail polish is your best option.

Acrylic or Not?

I’ve been getting acrylic nails off and on for about 20 years. I know, I know. Not all of you are fans out there. I get it. Some of you don’t react well to acrylic nails or have had bad experiences with them. Personally, they work for me. Psychologically they prevent me from picking away at my fingers…till they bleed! I don’t even know I’ve done it till they’re paining me and bloody. So the acrylic prevents that. They also make my fingers feel less fat…..another psychological thing.

I’m not promoting acrylic, I’m just saying what’s worked for me. Also, I don’t walk into just any shop and get them done. I’m extremely picky about my nails. I don’t like salons that are dusty or clearly not cleaned regularly. I need to see for myself that utensils have been sterilized. And the tech needs to be clean themselves.

Gel Nails – not the polish ladies!

Gel nails is a honey like substance that’s applied onto the nails. It’s an alternative to acrylic nails. It’s healthier than acrylic and more natural looking. The downside is they cost more than acrylic and they require you to put your hand in a UV light, which in my case burned till they set. But if you want to try false nails for awhile these are a great option and look very natural.


Not everyone reacts to the same products the same way. Some products are great for us, others clog pores or create irritation. So be smart ladies! Test products before being an advocate and check how you’re reacting to skin care products.

Since we do everything with our hands they are a valuable asset, so take care of them! How? Exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize. If we take care of our hands on a daily basis then we’ll have happy, healthy, pampered hands that will age better. We often get dry skin, especially in the winter time. But even when I’m in Belize (and in the Caribbean in general) we can’t assume that the humidity that’s making us sweaty is hydrating and moisturizing us. The sun, the wind, the salt and sand in the air, including pollution, chemicals and chlorine from the water takes its toll on our skin in general.

Firstly, try and not use a harsh hand soap. I like to use lavender because of it’s soothing fragrance and it’s not harsh on our hands. A great soap is pure liquid Castile soap, either fragranced or non-fragranced and then add your own essential oil to it. It lasts a long time and you can use it for many purposes other than just washing your hands. You can buy empty soap foam dispenser’s if you like to have a foam soap.

So at the end of the day, gently exfoliate your hands with either a good scrub you’ve bought or even using just sugar or salt (only if you don’t have any cuts on your hands) then use coconut oil or a cream that you know works great for your skin type, lather up and put on gloves. Even if its just for 30 minutes while watching TV at night or Pinning away on Pinterest. Before you know it time has flown by and you’ve done a world of good for your hands.

What do you use?

Any products you love or recommend? Tell us about it!

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