How our life changed

How our life changed

In the 1960’s my mum left Canada and immigrated to Colombia, South America. She was only 19. Full of life, ambition and trusting in a lot to help guide her through this great adventure, she got a job, learned the language, eventually got married and had me. I guess that’s why the desire to move around is implanted in me.

Cali Colombia, where I was born


My grandmother was a war-bride from England, so it was in her to leave her comforts too. And eventually my English grandmother and my Canadian grandfather went to Colombia and made a life there.

Nanny & Grampa on their finca (farm) in Villa Carmelo, Colombia




Fast forward to my life and being married and making decisions for our own family to move away from Canada, which came more naturally to me than to my husband. However, he’s prudent and wise and in doing so made sure our family had a place to live and a year’s worth of income to live off of before making any big move.

I’m thankful for that thought process. Life has changed a lot since my mum’s time, obviously, and making life decisions incorporates a lot more variables than what it did then. My mum wasn’t married and didn’t have children to provide for at her age. Whereas we did. Two boys, both in school, a house, a business, a huge family, lots of responsibilities in the community. So sometimes the choice to move to Belize didn’t come easily. But we made 4 trips over the course of 4 years beginning with 2 weeks and up to 4 months.

Where we first lived in Belize

We got bank accounts, set up a Belizean business, got work permits and did whatever we needed to do in order to earn a living. (I’m definitely going to write about all the incredible jobs we have had!!) But soon our “1 year” work permits were up and the time came to decide what to do. Renew the permits (which wasn’t an easy task) or apply for our residency. In the end we applied for our residency and just knowing we’d committed to something took the edge off.  At some point you’ve got to commit to something. Decide where you’ll live and what you’ll do for work. Once you’ve committed it’s such a freedom! I wouldn’t go back and change a thing! We sure have learned a lot living in Belize.

Authur Ordinary Day With Milena

Just one of the many little islands belonging to Belize, known as Caye’s


The enormity of these palms is incredible! This was on our long walk to Blue Hole to see caves and fresh water swimming


Gorgeous, fragrant plumeria!

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