No, not the Broadway show. The great city of Hamilton Ontario. I’ve lived here most of my life and never really saw anything significant in it. Well, as a kid I did love Downtown. My grandmother and I would go regularly downtown and always on the bus 🚌 I loved the path the bus took, always the same winding streets from the east end to our final destination.

In those days there was Woolco and Woolworths and then we’d move onto Jackson Square, Robinsons and Eatons. Then back home on the bus.

One of the regular shops my grandmother and I would shop at – Photo Credit Hamilton Spectator

Sadly over the decades those iconic department stores closed up and although Jackson Square is still around it’s not the same. But I have the memories which accounts for something. And the downtown core is always improving with renovations and expansions.

Truthfully I didn’t appreciate Hamilton as the unique city it is. Yes, it was a steel city built on the backs of untold hardworking Canadians and fellow immigrants mostly from Europe back in the day. But geographically it’s a unique city. It’s literally split with lower Hamilton being closest to Lake Ontario and the rest of the city perching up on the Escarpment we lovingly call “The Mountain”

This city is growing leaps and bounds. Real estate is changing, upscale restaurants have moved in to Locke and James Street, to name a few. It has a lot to offer and so much cultural variety we take for granted.

View of the lower portion of Hamilton and Hamilton Harbour that connects to Lake Ontario


We just had a friend come from England for a week and loved everything she saw, even in the dead of winter! Tim Hortons, Fortinos, Swiss Chalet, Limeridge Mall, the look-out of downtown from Concession Street. The old neighbourhoods and city streets. In her eyes it’s a very clean city with lots of attractions.

It got me thinking back to my high school teacher who spoke of how beautiful Hamilton was. I started to remember that there’s a lot to see in the summer too! Dundurn Castle 🏰Hamilton Harbour 🚢 RBG and Parks, not to mention all the waterfalls 💦 & trails. We have festivals, concerts and events going on full swing. 💃🏻

It’s really nice to see your town through the eyes of visitors and I encourage you to be a tourist in Hamilton!

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