Feeling pretty

When it’s dull outside, bitterly cold, and I’m feeling down I need a pick-me-up. I try to do something that’s not hazardous to my wallet. It is important to me to feel feminine and my best and I do it for myself because it makes me feel good. I’m not the ideal weight North American society says I should be, so going clothes shopping can be very depressing. I don’t need anything more for my house, it’s very cozy and done the way I want it.

Well…..I love my nails. I hate my hands, but I love my nails. 💅🏼 They are my pick-me-up, my therapy. Years ago I got acrylic nails done and I’ve never looked back. Sometimes I take them off and tell myself I’ll grow my nails out and not have the acrylic anymore. But eventually I can’t take it anymore! I pick at my cuticles until they bleed. I don’t even know I’ve done it until the skin is painfully gone. At that point I go back to the nail salon and get a new set of nails put on. They make my fingers feel longer and less chubby. AND I don’t pick at my cuticles anymore.

When we moved to Belize there wasn’t anywhere I could go that was reasonably priced and did a great job. I don’t want them lifting in the corners or popping off a week later. And I don’t want anyone using Crazy Glue to apply my nails (yes, I had someone insist it was okay to use Crazy Glue) I knew I’d only be able to go so long without my nails. Solution? Youtube. I taught myself how to do my own acrylic nails. There are plenty of youtube videos that have decent tutorials. Oddly enough the little village we lived in sold the acrylic liquid, primer and powder. At first it took me 2 hours to do just the nails, nevermore the polish. Eventually I got to the point where within 1 hour I could sand, fill, sand and polish my nails. I would never do it for a business. In fact I can’t stand doing my nails. It’s so tedious! But it gave me something to do and kept my hands looking the way I wanted them too. I got pretty good doing both hands! Better still my nails didn’t lift or come off so I was pretty proud of myself.

Back in the days of doing my own nails. I love this purple matte by Zoya

Once we moved up to San Pedro there were plenty of nail salons. Some pretty good.

3D art is really popular in Belize and Mexico

Other’s dreadful! But I eventually found one lady who is fabulous! She is meticulous, her salon is immaculately clean and very hygienic. Whether it’s your hands or a pedicure she is thorough. What’s more I could find any picture on Pinterest and she’d duplicate it identically. She excels in hand-painted nail art, 3D art and nail jewels. I Love her!

Nail jewels made this design perfect for my special trip.

Now I’m back in Canada for a few months and need a decent salon. Sadly there isn’t the creativity of salons here. They apply nails well, and polish pretty good and can airbrush designs. But not the designs that are rampant in Belize.

Until now…..I found my girl! She does an amazing job and I always leave happy. Ana Bratina of Rustic Nails is amazing. She can do whatever you want. Chrome, swarovsky crystals, nail jewels, gel polish, manicures, pedicures and more! So now when I’m back in Ontario I know who to go to! Thank you Ana!!

Black matte nail polish with Swarovski crystals on ring fingers


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