I do love makeup! The women in my family, no matter their age or what they were doing for work (or for the day) always had “their face on” I wear makeup for myself because it makes me feel feminine and put together. My mum told me once that our faces were a blank canvas waiting to be painted.


cosmetic vignette
Loose eyeshadows and Blushes
Eyeshadow palette
Lip glosses and lipsticks
Lip glosses and lipsticks

I wasn’t encouraged to wear a lot of makeup, nor did I feel that without makeup I was ugly. Actually quite the opposite! I always got positive comments from my family when I had no makeup on. I will admit I was blessed with good skin that I inherited from both sides of my family. But as I age I know I need to take care of it.

When I was a teenager I bought makeup based on budget and what was the “in” thing. Now I pay a lot more attention to what I’m putting on my face. Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything we put on it or expose it to. I am a big fan of mineral makeup. It holds up really well in hot and humid climates. Make sure that the line you wear doesn’t have any talc or paraben in them. These products clog your pores and can irritate your face and in the long run that’s just not good for your skin! Your skin needs to breathe and products that have these ingredients clogs pores that will lead to cosmetics running off your face, face excessively sweating and blemishes. Don’t be confused now. If you’re in heat and humidity your face is going to sweat. That’s not a bad thing. But it’s a bad thing if it’s doing that because it can’t breathe because of your makeup.

What to Look For

Avoid talc which is a filler; paraben which is a preservative; “fragrances” which are chemical based and can irritate your skin; petroleum; mineral oil (which is harmful if not properly refined) and oxybenzone. Sadly there could be lead in your lipstick and mercury or arsenic in your foundation or powder. In fact there are about 17 products in your cosmetics you should be on the look-out for. If you’ve had issues with your skin, either minor or severe, then take a good look at what you’re putting on your face. Its essential to keep our skin at its best. And not just about outer beauty but being mindful that what we put on our skin our body is absorbing.

This blog isn’t meant to scare you but rather to make you aware. The great news is there are plenty of amazing cosmetics out there that are good for your skin!

What to Do

Drink more water!!! Yes we hear that all the time. But its key to hydration and expelling toxins in our bodies. If drinking water is an issue for you then try my Wednesday Water recipes. You’ll have a much easier time drinking water now!

Cranberry Water



Find out which companies don’t have these bad products in them that are in your price range. There are some great companies out there that make natural cosmetics and skin care lines. There are trusted consumer websites that are unbiased and will advise consumer’s what to look out for. Like David Suzuki and his Dirty Dozen Issue. The site has a variety of brands to choose from and is in Canada so that makes it easy to buy from. Go to your health food store and see what products they sell and ask questions. Why choose this line? What does “All Natural” and “homeopathic” mean? Don’t by makeup and skin care products just because. Ask questions of the people who sell them and make sure you understand what they’re telling you. And don’t be afraid to say “NO” if you don’t like the ingredients or don’t understand what you’re being told.

Love your face ladies! Protect your skin! Treat yourselves like Queens! We deserve it



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