Belize – A Country of Many Hidden Gems

Belize – A Country of Many Hidden Gems


This cold weather has got me thinking about Belize a LOT! It’s December so I shouldn’t be expecting warmer weather, but when I think about the cold months still ahead of us I cry just a little!!

Thus I’m thinking about when we lived in Belize and going through our photos I’m reminded about what we did on a daily basis, the exploring we did and most importantly our Sunday afternoons at the beach.

Belize is very diverse and its casual Caribbean vibe makes it very appealing. It has a rain forest, Mayan Mountains, Mayan ruins, second largest barrier reef in the world, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkelling, cave systems and much more all within 8,000+ square miles. It’s small population of just under 400,000 is also very diverse, including Mestizo, Kriol, Mayan, Garifuna, German and East Asian. This diversity opens the door to a melting pot of culinary flavours, rich cultural heritage and languages. And although Belize is in Central America it’s first language is English, thus making it a unique Central American country.

So, do you want to know where to stay, where to eat, what to do while in Belize? After having lived here for over 6 years here’s one of my list’s.


We definitely got to enjoy many beach locations when living on Ambergris Caye. And being so close to the Barrier Reef you could see the waves from the deep waters crashing off in the distance and then lazily making their way to the shoreline. The reef is the home to untold amounts of fish, mammals and plant life. This makes it ideal and prime destination for diving and snorkelling.

The beach in Ambergris Caye
An afternoon by the beach, Ambergris Caye


Dive instructor
Dive Instructor at home in the depths of the sea.


Laughing Bird Caye
Laughing Bird Caye


Laughing Bird shoreline
Enjoying the sea and snorkelling in Laughing Bird National Park

There are a lot of great resorts and hotels to stay at in Belize. They have great customer service and attention to detail that makes every guests stay wonderful. I’ve had the pleasure of staying at Coco Beach and Xtun Ha’ operated by Sandy Point Resorts. I also enjoyed an amazing anniversary weekend at Victoria House that boasts a new boutique spa.

Victoria House pool
Lazily enjoying the pool at Victoria House


Catamaran at sea
An afternoon on the Catamaran


Mid-day view of the Sea from Coco Beach Resort

There are plenty of places to eat in Belize that offer local cuisine like El Fogon that specializes in local cuisine cooked on a traditional open hearth oven. Yes, there’s more to Belizean cuisine than just Rice and Beans! And here is one restaurant where you can enjoy the variety of traditional Belizean spices. I also really like Caprice Restaurant in Holiday Hotel which offers a great view of the sea and has a great menu. Another favourite of mine is Wild Mango’s  who has some amazing salads, massive burritos and out of this world Margarita’s. They also have an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea and a pretty good weight staff.

Newly relocated to a bigger and better venue is Cococabana Restaurant & Bar with a beautiful beach location. They have a really good menu with all the food you need for the beach. And of course one always needs amazing drinks, which they have mastered over their years of experience. They also have a volley ball net for some great afternoon fun-in-the-sun right on the sea, a great family atmosphere and really good Trip Advisor reviews.

CocoCabana Restaurant & Bar is a beautiful location, right on the beach, to enjoy a wonderful dinner!


A lot of people travel to Belize on vacation for diving or in-land excursions like cave tubing, zip lining, exploring Mayan Mountains etc. A few years ago my mother came to visit us for a month and one of the day trips we took was to Xunantuich

Xunantunich Ancient Maya ruins
Xunantunich Ancient Maya ruins

Capturing the sky in Xunantunich

Recently more airlines have started a route into Belize, so there’s a lot more options which means better pricing to travel to Belize.

Theres many reasons to travel to Belize. The Belizean people, the geography, so many natural sites to see and much more! I hope one day you’ll get to visit this Caribbean jewel 💕


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