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Belize – A Country of Many Hidden Gems

Belize – A Country of Many Hidden Gems

  This cold weather has got me thinking about Belize a LOT! It’s December so I shouldn’t be expecting warmer weather, but when I think about the cold months still ahead of us I cry just a little!! Thus I’m thinking about when we lived in […]

Essentials to Your Anti-Inflammatory Pantry

Essentials to Your Anti-Inflammatory Pantry

  There are some essential ingredients you should have in your pantry to not only help you cook amazingly delicious food but contribute to over-all good health. Some ingredients help combat inflammation, some help reduce it. Some have many benefits above and beyond inflammation. But […]

Baked Calzone

Baked Calzone

  I like making calzones. It’s fun to twist the edges over and make these pillows of pizza. You don’t need the same quantity of ingredients as you do in a pizza and individualizing them for each person is nice too.     I portion […]

Garlic Shrimp with Bacon Risotto

Garlic Shrimp with Bacon Risotto

      I didn’t always like risotto. In fact in my younger years I hated it because I was used to rice. Having been born in Colombia my mum cooked several Colombian dishes, especially rice, and I liked the way rice wasn’t thick, but […]

Thinking Out Loud



We get asked about Belize a lot. It’s a beautiful little country in Central America, just below Mexico. It’s the only English speaking country in Central America and is definitely more Caribbean than Spanish. We starting going to Belize in 2006 and got our permanent residency in 2012. By that point we were living in San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye, La Isla Bonita.

The interior of Belize is lush with mountains and jungle. Lots of sightseeing to do! There are boundless waterfalls and hiking to caves with swimming holes. The refreshing cold water comes from deep within the mountains that border Guatemala….


Zipline through the jungle or jump off old piers into cool refreshing rivers…..


Stop at small local restaurants and enjoy local cuisine….

View from an out-of-the-way restaurant in the Toledo District

See lots of little Maya Villages along the way….


Climb one of the many Mayan Ruins……

Xunantunich in Cayo District

Or head over to the beach….

One of the many little caye’s in Belize. If out on a fishing boat you can stop and rest for awhile or enjoy an impromptu BBQ

Get your diver’s certificate and dive in the worlds second largest coral reef

60′ down my son’s posed for the camera!


Go fishing and catch your dinner….

One of our first visits to Belize, way back when



Or just enjoy all the local plants and flowers

How do you get there?

When we first starting going to Belize there were only 2 airline carriers. Now there is more option and more cities you can depart from. WestJet now has direct flights to Belize City! No more layovers in US cities cutting down travel time by upwards of 4 hours.

Southwest Airlines is now offering introductory flights to Belize beginning June 4. For Canadian travellers in Ontario a flight from Buffalo to Belize City is now $208 one-way! And direct flights will be offered from Ft.Lauderdale. So getting to Belize now will be not only quicker but cheaper.

Now you have many reasons to go and visit Belize and see it through out eyes!

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